Do You Know What Is the Huawei Camera Kit?

by Angel Waldrop

Huawei phones have been known in the industry to be one of the best when it comes to mobile photography. This is why they have a loyal following of mobile photography enthusiasts.

With the release of a HUAWEI camera kit, you can expect a better camera that can give you superior effects and performance.

What is the HUAWEI camera kit?

This kit provides a more advanced set of programmed APIs to improve the performance of your phone camera. With this upgrade, you will be able to capturer better images and videos.

What are the new camera modes?

Front camera HDR

This is to be used if you want to do a selfie in a low-light and dark environment. The HDR setting will improve facial details and help your photo look more life-like.

Rear camera HDR

This mode blends several exposures of the image to help bring out details in the shadows. This will also help the subject stand out in the photo.

Super night mode

You should use this setting to take long exposure photos at night. This mode balances out the brightness automatically. This mode also uses multi-frame composites.

Wide aperture

This setting blurs out the background to highlight the subject in the image. It works best if you are two meters away from the subject when you take the photo. You should not turn on the flash when you are shooting in this mode.


With the new camera kit, you are able to record high-definition videos with effects like AI film, blurred backgrounds, filters, and many more.

Portrait mode

This mode allows you to apply different effects such as lighting, background blurring, and beautification effects to produce more stunning results.

Pro mode

The pro mode gives you full control when it comes to ISO, AF, AWB, and AE settings. You will also be able to control the color temperature of your photos through this mode. Do not be afraid to practice and play around with the settings until you find a setting that you love.

Slow-mo mode

This mode allows you to record slow-mo videos at a wide range of speeds from 60 fps to 960 fps. Slow-mo videos are trendy these days and this feature will make you a hit in social media.

AI photography mode

If you do not know what effects to use, you can just switch to AI photography mode. This automatically sets the image you took into 30 different scenarios and provides AI-enhanced previews for you to choose which one you want to save.

With these additional and improved features, your Huawei phone will definitely be able to give you better images and videos that can trigger anyone’s envy. This will definitely level up your Instagram game and following.

Take note that you need a huawei id to get access to this camera kit. If you do not have one, register to get one first. Having a Huawei id and your own Huawei phone is such an advantage in the world of mobile photography. With these tools at your disposal, you will surely have the best photos in your social media accounts.

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