How to Prevent Bad Odors in Artificial Grass

by Angel Waldrop

Many pet owners who plan to install artificial grass are worried about the grass developing a foul odor.  While it is true that your dog’s pee can cause artificial grass to smell, as long as you use a few vital installation techniques, there is no need to worry.

But how exactly can artificial grass be made to stop smelling? It means ensuring your fake grass is put down correctly and stays in good shape afterward.

We’ll talk about some of the most important things you should do during and after putting in your fake grass to keep smells from sticking around.

Putting In A Permeable Sub-Base

Installing a permeable sub-base is crucial to keeping your artificial turf from stinking.

A permeable sub-inherent base’s properties allow liquids to drain freely through your artificial turf. You increase the possibility that urine-related odors will be trapped in your lawn if liquids that produce odors, like urine, have nowhere to escape.

If you have dogs or other pets, it is best to install a permeable sub-base made of 20mm granite or limestone chippings or even MOT Type 3. This kind of sub-base will provide unrestricted fluid flow through your turf. This is one of the most important parts of installing fake grass that doesn’t smell.

DIY Artificial Turf Cleaner

You can create fake grass cleaners that are effective for cleaning the grass and preventing long-term odor and damage. You can apply baking soda to the affected regions or combine soap and water, vinegar, and water as home cures. You can experiment with it by applying the natural treatments that your fake grass responds to best to stop it from smelling. It is safer to use these homemade dog urine removers around kids and dogs than the one you bought from the store, which can include chemicals.

Simple, Eco-Friendly Outdoor Dog Repellent

This cleanser is safe to use indoors and outdoors on fake grass because it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Anywhere you have artificial grass, including a patio, deck, or backyard, you can use this cleaning. The grass won’t be harmed in any manner.

Perform a Bi-Weekly Cleaning Routine

To stay on top of the smells, you should establish a cleaning routine that occurs every two weeks. A weekly wash doesn’t require any special supplies, and all you need is a power washer, a hose, or a watering can get the job done. Use an outdoor brush or hoover to remove any loose leaves, dirt, or debris from your fake grass before applying any cleaning solutions or water to it. This will assist to make the procedure easier and limit the amount of mess that is created.

Use Enzymatic Cleaning Products

The molecules contained in substances like urine, feces, and food that generate odors and stains should be broken down by using an enzymatic cleaning agent, according to advice given to homeowners. While enzyme cleaners can be used to remove any stain from the house or garden, because they are so effective at eliminating odors, they are most frequently encountered in the homes of pet owners. As opposed to most aromatic cleaning products, enzyme cleaners eradicate unwanted odors, which is why they are so effective at cleaning fake grass and getting rid of dog pee odor.

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