How to Select the Best Personalized Custom Bar Mat

by Angel Waldrop

Owning a bar mat is essential to both bar owners and homeowners or individuals. Whether you own a mini bar in your home or not, it can be an important tool to help you manage spills when making any drink at home. A bar mat should not be an obstruction object. Instead, it must blend well with your countertop and make your work easier.

You can get a personalized bar mat to suit the style and vibe of your home by scrolling through thousands of brands, materials and designs. There are a variety of brands in the market you can narrow down to before choosing the type of mat you want. Before purchasing one, there are several things you need to consider that are crucial features that will determine how excellent your rug is. From material to design, custom bar mats need to be of high quality while suiting your needs at the same time.

What to Consider Before Choosing Bar Mats

Here are a few crucial things to consider before purchasing a bar mat.

1. The Material

The most common type of bar mats is rubber material mats. Bar mats, however, come in many different materials, and you should consider what kind of material suits you and your needs. The material you choose should also be easy to clean after using it. A bar mat should be as convenient as possible. The most crucial thing about the material is it should be non-absorbent to make it easier to clean.

2. Size and Shape

These mats come in different variations of sizes and shapes. The most popular bar mats are the rectangle ones, but you have the freedom to select from any shape and size that you love. Depending on your kitchen décor, the rug can fully complement your whole style and vibe just with the form. In addition, it needs to be sizeable enough and not inconvenience other activities in the kitchen or take up a lot of space.

3. The Design

When choosing the design, you should consider the colour and décor on the bar mat. The design is the first thing people notice when they see your countertop; hence you need to have an attractive-looking bar mat.

4. Thickness

The majority of current bar mats are noticeably thick. However, depending on your preferences, you can have a thin but not too light door mat since it will be ineffective in its functionality.

5. Texture

The texture, especially on the upper part of the bar mat, should be able to hold drinks and minimize spillage when drinking. A bar mat cannot have an extra smooth look or feel since this will make it a horrible tool to reduce spillage. A good carpet should be a minimal mess by the time you use it.

6. The Writing

For most people, the writing on top of the mat represents a popular favourite drink or the company’s slogan. After choosing the right colour for your rug, the script should have a good font and probably a lovely message you want to convey.


For a bar mat to perform its functions effectively, you should consider several things to ensure your mat is of high quality and good performance. When it comes to homeowners, it is not only about performance but also about how good the mat looks. Therefore, you should choose a mat with an excellent design while also highly functional in the kitchen. A bar mat is a worthy investment for a homeowner, especially the ones with mini bars in their kitchen.

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