What are the Various Types of Human Hair Wig?

by Angel Waldrop

Most people only know a specific amount of information about the types of hair wigs that there are. For some, it’s Malaysian or Brazilian, while others tell you that it is curly, wavy, or straight. But, the types of human hair wigs do not depend on only one or two categories. You have to consider three categories when you talk about the different kinds of human hair wigs.

  • According to the area of the lace
  • According to the color of the lace
  • According to the hair texture

According to the area of the lace

There are two types of wigs with lace; the full face wig and the lace front wig;

  • Full lace wigs:

These kinds of wigs are considered the most comfortable and affordable wigs on the market. The lace base wig cap allows full-length wigs with baby hair to breathe well, beneficial to your scalp and natural hair. At the same time, a high-quality lace cap has a higher tear and wear resistance, resulting in longer service life.

  • Lace front wigs:

The most common wigs on the market are the lace front wigs. The lace closure is placed on the front of your natural human hair wig. The color lace can blend excellently well with your natural skin that other people would hardly realize you were wearing a wig from a distance. The wig’s scalp skin will determine the color of the lace front.

According to the color of the lace

The lace color relies mainly on your skin type, either fair or dark.

  • For light-skinned women:

The human hair appropriate for light-skinned women is transparent lace wigs, which are excellent because they blend in with your light, white or pale scalp skin.

  • For dark-skinned women:

Human hair for dark-skinned women includes medium brown lace, suited for their skin tone. Lace that matches the skin tone of the scalp is essential because it can make the best human hair appear more realistic.

According to the hair texture

The hair texture of the human hair wig not only determines how curly, straight or wavy it is, but it also determines how well the type will go with the shape of your face.

  • Human hair bob wigs:

Short bob human hair is popular among women; blunt cut bob wigs give a tender appeal. This appealing haircut can also be transformed into a short curly hair wig or human hair wig with bangs, both of which can display a distinct personality.

  • Curly human hair wigs:

Some women prefer small curls to display their individual beauty. Lace front wigs that are curly and curly full lace front wigs are the most fashionable hair wigs on the market right now, and every woman wants a try to see how it looks on her.

  • Straight hair human wigs:

These kind of hair wigs are the most basic and standard of hair wigs textures because they appear smooth, lustrous, and free. Straight human wigs may withstand you restyling the strands without causing damage. You can also style in different colors of your choice.

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