Why aluminum is the star of the show in CNC machining?

by Angel Waldrop

Aluminum is considered the most used and popular material for CNC machined parts, and here is why!

Quick and easy:

It is considered one of the easiest materials to handle in Aluminum CNC Machining Service. It is because you can control the metal better than any other element in this process. From the matt finish to the final product, you can keep the quality production easy if the process uses aluminum. Moreover, you can also maintain a low cost by having this material in your CNC machining process. Apart from its quick-to-machining aspect, a few more factors make aluminum very easy to use in the machining process.

The effective ratio of weight and strength:

First and foremost, aluminum is light in weight than other metals. It makes aluminum way to heat and mold according to different master models. Furthermore, if you are looking to harden aluminum, then follow the below steps to make it easier;

  • Mix aluminum with other metals to fill the missing properties of the metal itself,
  • You can follow a systemic pattern to heat and cool down the metal to get the correct sizing for the crystals,
  • You can change the structure or feel of the metal surface during heating and cooling it down.
  • Effectively, aluminum has a better ratio of strength and weight when compared to other stainless steel or other materials.

Variety of properties compared with alloys:

Generally, aluminum is considered a perfect base material to pair up with different alloys available. It gives the manufacturer an edge to control its absent properties by combining them with other metals. These metals are grouped into series for further assistance to get the most result. Some of the most popular and used grades include aerospace grade, marine grade, general purpose, aerospace grade, and high strength. In these groups, aluminum is effectively mixed with zinc, silicon, magnesium, copper, and chromium.

High conductivity and resistance:

By mixing aluminum with other metals, it carries high conductivity and high corrosion resistance. It is because of the oxidized element that eliminates erosion. It provides the benefit to aluminum to self-repair its layer. Nonetheless, aluminum should be your first choice for corrosion-resisting metal. Therefore, it is also considered a cost-effective metal mixture for CNC machining.


How can you recycle aluminum? Well, most of the aluminum produced is still in use by recycling and recycling the previous products. Moreover, recycling aluminum requires less energy than any other metal. And with that, the recycled aluminum is as good as new to be used in different projects again.


Product finishing is one of the most important factors in machining. As mentioned, aluminum is of great finishing, and matt looks as wanted. So, just by anodizing the aluminum, you can give it a colored look as a final product.

Like thermal heating, this process improves aluminum metal’s wear and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to add colors. Nonetheless, you can also increase the thickness of the metal by consulting the company or team you are working with. You get different results by adding metals and heating and cooling aluminum during the CNC machining.

Finally, choosing the right material improves the prototyping and machining process results. It is common for experts to agree that aluminum is the ain’t metal to work with and get the desired results.

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