Reasons Why You Should Get a Bathroom Mirror

by Angel Waldrop

Bathroom mirrors are very important whether it be a guest bathroom or a master bathroom – a bathroom just never feels complete without one. Lack of space is not even an excuse to forget to have a bathroom mirror since mirrors come in all shapes and sizes.

Reasons why you need a bathroom mirror

Obviously, the mirror’s main purpose is to show your reflection. Using the bathroom can disarrange your clothes or hair. It helps to give yourself an overall look before you step out of the room. It also is best to look into a mirror while you are brushing or flossing your teeth to make sure that you do not have pieces of food stuck in your teeth. A bathroom mirror also makes shaving easier to do at home.

If you position your oval bathroom mirrors near the light source, it can reflect the light and bounce it to all corners of the room. This will make any tiny bathroom feel less cramped since it gives off the illusion of being more open.

If space is a problem for your bathroom, getting a mirrored wall cabinet is the best option for you to get more storage space. There are mass-produced mirrored cabinets out there in the market that you can install over the sink and you can have one custom made to accommodate all the products that you have.

The best ways to install a mirror in your bathroom

Your bathroom’s overall look can greatly improve depending on what mirror you get and how you install it. Here are some tips that can help you decide what to get:

Mimic the vanity

If you have a vanity, it is best to get a mirror that is as long as your vanity is. This will give your bathroom a more spacious feel and would be prettier to look at in terms of visual impact. The bigger the mirror, the more it reflects the room and makes it look brighter and larger.

Get more natural light

If you position your mirror across the bathroom window, the bathroom mirror can bounce the natural light around the room. If your bathroom window is small, you can also use smaller mirrors and hang them on each side of the window. This will help create an illusion that you have a larger window.

Make it an artwork

Your bathroom mirror is a chance to add some artwork to your bathroom. Round and oval mirrors can create softness against the square tiles. You can also simply choose a mirror with a decorative frame to make an impact on your bathroom wall. Another way to use mirrors is to get several small mirrors of different sizes with uniformed frames and have them surround your major bathroom mirror.

Mirrors are important in bathrooms and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and shapes. Take note that you will be using the bathroom mirror every day so you must choose something that you will love.

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