What To Know About LED Wall Pack Lights?

by Angel Waldrop

The first lighting luminaires put up on a building are LED wall pack lights. Commonly placed outdoors, these lights are often seen mounted on buildings, poles, monuments, etc. Seldomly these lights are also used for accent lighting. LED Lights are well known for their lower power consumption and pose no maintenance charges. These splendid qualities and features give these lights a significant edge over traditional lighting luminaires.

Do LED Wall Pack Lights Cause Light Pollution?

The intensity of light has a major factor in causing various problems in human eyes. Too much bright light can cause light pollution, which leads to negative impacts on human health. Traditional light bulbs contribute to causing light pollution, while LED Wall Pack Lights pose no such problem. These lights also have the capability to be attached with a light cutoff shield which reduces the intensity of light. Certain areas do have codes and regulations to maintain a specific light intensity. For such places, LED Wall Pack Lights are just what one needs.

Type Of LED Wall Pack Lights Available In The Market

Multiple designs are available in LED Wall Pack Lights. The most common are:

  • Traditional: These lights replicate the classical lights yet function in a modern method. These lights illuminate the entire area evenly and also provide a wide flood distribution.
  • Full cutoff: These lights are designed in such a way that it only allows light to distribute itself downwards. No light is allowed to move out of the directed path and is not spread out above the lights.
  • Slim: These lights are like torches. They project light at a specific place, and the glare can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Mini: These lights are usually placed over entrances or exits as they have a compact size ideal for placement.

Are Photocells A Part Of LED Wall Pack Lights?

Almost all LED Wall Pack Lights are accompanied by photocells. These cells are charged up by the sunlight and function to automatically turn on and turn off the lights. This feature is known as the dusk-to-dawn photocell option. When the sun rises, the photocells detect it and automatically turn off the lights. The opposite happens when the sun sets. i.e., at dawn time, the photocells no longer sense sunlight and send a signal to turn on the lights. This great feature saves us a huge amount on electricity bills.


LED Wall Pack Lights are the best lighting luminaires in town. With the development in everything, it seems odd to install traditional bulbs. LED Lights have significant benefits over bulbs in almost every aspect. These lights are environmentally friendly, pocket-friendly, modern, maintenance-free, etc. As most traditional bulbs contain toxins that are exposed to the environment when the bulb is broken, LED Lights contain no such harmful waste. LED Lights are the best option to consider while selecting lighting luminaires, not just because of being economical but also being toxins free; as we all know that human health comes above all.

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