Pros and Cons of Custom aluminum machining

by Angel Waldrop
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Custom aluminum machining is one of the best manufacturing concepts known and for many CNC machining based projects, Aluminum machining is seen as one of the best alternatives whenever you want to get a good job done while manufacturing.

When it comes to manufacturing, the use of aluminum has been seen to offer great features and is the most popular choice. Aluminum materials provide a strong mechanical part which is also resistant to corrosion.

Apart from all these features, there are a lot of things people have to say about the use of Aluminum machining techniques, and why you should get the best services from WAYKEN Rapid Technologies.


  • It works with several machining techniques.

Whether you are using drilling methods, or even milling, or bending, the use of aluminum machining works well to give you the best results that you need at all times. Aluminum is highly regarded because of its high strength and lack of machining properties.

During the entire Aluminum machining process, it does not have a lot of magnetic properly so you do not have to worry about two surfaces joining together during production.

  • They can be used to create the best rapid prototypes.

If you are in the business of creating metal or plastic prototype, then you need to seriously consider going of aluminum machining. Why am I insisting on this? Aluminum prototypes are low in density but very high in strength.

In a lot of cases, premium quality prototypes are made when they are constructed with aluminum prototypes. When it comes to CNC milling, the use of aluminum is the best and the right solution because it brings out high-quality prototypes.

  • They are less expensive.

When you need to refer to a CNC machining process that is less expensive, you can always count on this. The beautiful thing about this is that it can be machining within the shortest time unlike other metals like Steel.

During the entire machining process, materials in smaller quantities made be added to it give it more strength. Materials like since, copper, magnesium, etc.

  • Highly resistant to low temperatures.

The good thing about Aluminum machining is that it is very resistant to low temperatures. Unlike steel, Aluminum can easily be machined at low temperatures and still produce the best results.


  • Its material type often makes it difficult to machine.

Manufacturers know that Aluminum is a soft material and sometimes you need a high cutting speed before you can get the best results while machining. It always needs specialized equipment that must be very hard and sharp to work with.


Aluminum machining is a service that is highly demanded by a lot of industries. Over the last couple of years, companies have strived to help customers get the best aluminum machining in China.

If you are a business looking to get some aluminum done, China will be the best place to start.

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