Here Is How You Can Boost Concrete Strength

by Angel Waldrop

Plasticizers are a form of concrete additive. A concrete additive is a chemical compound mixed with concrete during preparation to boost concrete strength and durability by altering its properties. Usually, concrete additives account for not more than 5% of the total mass of concrete.

Secondly, plasticizers increase concrete fluidity, reduce its viscosity, and increase its workability during preparation, transportation, pumping, and setting. The concrete usually gets stiff and viscous during the mixing because it is prepared using less water content. Typically, plasticizers reduce the necessary water content by 12% – 15%. They also boost the strength of the concrete, thereby increasing its durability.

Superplasticizers are a select type of high-performance plasticizers. High-range water-reducing concrete admixtures effectively reduce the water content needed in concrete by up to 30%. Superplasticizers also play other roles, such as increasing slump retention in concrete, decreasing the porosity of resultant concrete, and reducing water permeability. Notably, they also increase the strength, durability, and performance of concrete.

However, some superplasticizers retard the setting time of some cement types. This is at most for about an hour. Most of them do not have any effect on the setting time on most cement types. Another challenge created by using superplasticizers is finishing problems; because the mixture tends to be sticky. This is overcome by using coarser aggregate in the concrete mix.

Superplasticizers by DongKe Company

One of the global leaders in the production of concrete additives is a company known as DongKe. Based in Beijing, China, the Concrete solutions giant has vast experience in producing concrete additives and other concrete related products. Additionally, the company has undertaken extensive research, which has led to innovation-performance and environmentally friendly superplasticizers.

The company has two forms of polycarboxylate (PCE) superplasticizer, the widely used format of superplasticizer. It has a liquid state, and it has the powder agent. The superplasticizer has many applications, making it the number one choice for many construction companies both locally and internationally.

Applications of the PCE Superplasticizers

This concrete additive is perfect for those conditions which require high performance for slump retention. It also dramatically reduces water performance in concrete by increasing its plasticity index and boosting its strength and durability. Moreover, in construction sites where concrete needs to be pumped over long distances, PCE Superplasticizers enhance the concrete’s fluidity and flow. The superplasticizers are also very efficient in the preparation of self-compacting concrete that is superfluid.

Projects that the product is well suited for

PCE Superplasticizers are specifically designed for those projects that involve extended periods of concrete transportation and construction, those that need high slump retention, and those that require high strength and performance concrete. Examples of such projects include nuclear power plants, ports, high-speed railways, hydropower stations, and docks. This product is also well suited for prestressed and reinforced concrete.


Lastly, you better not that superplasticizers, one of the many types of concrete additives, have many construction industry applications. They reduce the required water levels by up to 30% and boost concrete strength and durability. DongKe is one of the world’s leading companies in the production of PCE Superplasticizers.

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