Reasons You Should Consider Pneumatic Valves

by Angel Waldrop

Pneumatic valves are quite loud. Also, they easily break down if there are air leaks. You may also find them quite challenging to operate. However, they are considered to be the most effective control valves around. That explains why they are widely used in different industrial applications. These are some of the benefits of using pneumatic valves.


You may have heard that pneumatic valves are not safe to use. It is vital to note that air hoses attached to the circuits can pose safety hazards, especially when they are loose. However, if you operate and maintain your pneumatic control valve, this is not going to happen.

The truth is that pneumatic valves are safe. That is because they use compressed air that cannot expose you to toxicity. Remember that most hydraulic fluids and lubricants are quite dangerous. Fortunately, pneumatic valves do not need such compounds. Moreover, they are not associated with other risks such as electrical shocks. As a result, these valves are safe and ideal for daily use.

Source Availability

You should note that pneumatic control valves use atmospheric air in most cases. Well, there is enough air, and it is free. In addition, you do not have to filter the air as the valve does that.

Easy to Clean

You should note that pneumatic control valves require minimal cleaning. That is because the pressurized air gets rid of dirt in the system. Therefore, you are less likely to experience blockages in your piping systems. However, you need to monitor for any signs of clogging. If the system is blocked, then you ought to clear it.


Most pneumatic valves are made of stainless steel. Therefore, they do not cost a lot of money as compared to other types of valves. This helps reduce your initial cost. Thus, startups and small businesses can afford these types of valves. Other than being cheaper, you do not have to replace them as often their hydraulic counterparts.

Low Maintenance

Other than regular lubrication of the moving parts, you ought to ensure that the valve is in good condition and the bolts and nuts are tight. Remember that air circuits can lock up whenever moisture gets in. Even then, you will not invest much in troubleshooting your system. Equally, you require scheduled filter replacement. Remember that air contains some particles such as oil droplets that can clog the filter. Hence, there is a need to replace the filter occasionally. In this case, you should follow the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Excellent Versatility

You can be assured that your pneumatic control valve can work in most situations. For instance, it can work during harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes. If you reside in an area with continuous power outages, then a pneumatic control valve is the right option for you. That is because your valve will still work as long as it has some compressed air in it.

By using the right pneumatic control valve, you can enjoy all the above benefits. Ideally, the right pneumatic systems can revolutionize the way you run your industrial applications.

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