How To Tell The Best Order Fulfilment Company

by Angel Waldrop

As you plan to expand the reach of your products, you are probably thinking about engaging the services of an order fulfillment company. In the e-commerce space, there are many order fulfillment companies like NextSmartShip or ShipMonk to choose from. However, each company differs from the other in lots of ways. You need to find one that offers services that fit your business. To find the best fulfillment company for your business, you need to consider the points below.


The longer a business exists, the more challenges it faces, and the more it adapts to stay in business. As the e-commerce logistics sphere is quite competitive and companies are developing new ways of staying ahead of the competition. This includes price flexibility, offering more value-added services, and making contract terms more lenient to clients. It has been proven that order fulfillment companies that have more years of experience in the industry tend to offer better services than the newcomers. Avoid lots of uncertainties surrounding new order fulfillment companies and go for the more experienced ones. A minimum of 5 years’ experience is an ideal benchmark for choosing the best e-commerce logistics company.


Experienced order fulfillment companies would have taken time to build a good reputation for their business. Search the web for reviews to assess the online reputation of your target fulfillment companies before you make a choice. Other users’ comments will give you ideas of what challenges you may likely face while using the company’s services. This will help you weigh your options and help you decide how to go about some inconvenience that may arise in the future.


Choose an order fulfillment company that spells out its charges. Hidden charges can pose serious threats to your initial shipping budget. Compare the pricing between your most preferred order fulfillment companies to determine which is more cost-effective. Pay attention to fees charged on handling, storage, packing, and so on. Be on the look for companies that allow you to use some of these services for free or charge a relatively lower fee for the services.


Where the warehouses of the order fulfillment company are located is also important. Do they have multiple warehouses located in strategic places that are conducive for your business? How close are the warehouses to your customers? You will save lots of costs on logistics if you can get the order fulfillment company that is close to both your suppliers and customers.

Customer Service

Nothing on this list beats an excellent customer service. You need to know that when you have inquiries on issues, there are representatives of the order fulfillment company who are willing and able to assist you when the need arises. An order fulfillment company that runs a responsive 24/7 customer support and offers convenient communication channels to clients is a good choice.

You can choose between NextSmartShip or ShipMonk. Once you find the best order fulfillment company for you, there is a need to evaluate their services periodically to ensure they are meeting your expectations. Whenever you have issues with their services, do not hesitate to contact them.

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