The best types and categories of hose reels

by Angel Waldrop

A hose reel is a cylindrical spindle, usually made of metal, plastic, or fiberglass. It is used for storing a garden hose. It helps keep the hose from getting kink. The market features a wide range of hose reel designs and types like retractable hose reels, but they feature various prices. For the best deals, visit go deal now. In this excerpt, we look at the types of hose reels.

Types of hose reels

Hose reels can be divided into two major categories, each featuring various types of hose reels. The two categories are:

1. Stationary hose reels

Stationary hose reels are usually installed in one position inside a fixed wall hose box. These types of hose reels cannot be moved. Stationary hose reels have a winding support device to allow for easy unwinding. This category of hose reels is beneficial because it is easy to use, store, and requires a short preparation time when you want to use your hose. However, the process of assembling stationary hose reels is usually hectic and labor-intensive. The following types rest in this category;

a. Wall-mounted hose reels

These are the most common hose reel design. They are installed on the wall at the height of your choice. This hose reel design allows you to automatically wind and unwind your hose up to your desired length and depending on the hose’s brand.

b. Retractable hose reels

Also known as automatic hose reels, retractable hose reels come with an automated rewinding system. This means that you get to pull the hose as much as you can, depending on the length, and the pipe will rewind automatically according to your needs.

This happens because the device comes with a spring system that generates the tension required for automatic winding and rewinding. Retractable hose reels are advantageous because they are easy to use for multiple purposes. The downside is that sometimes obstructions may occur.

2. Mobile hose reels

The other category of hose reels is mobile or portable hose reels. These offer a mobile solution since they can be carried or rolled using a hose cart. Some mobile hose reels come with a hose cart, while you have to purchase the cart separately for some. The advantage of portable hose reels is that they are flexible and usually cheaper.

However, most of them do not come with winding support, and they are time-consuming when it comes to installation and dismantling. The following types of hose reels fall in this category:

a. Hose reel cart

These hose reels come with a cart and a manual winding system. They are an excellent choice for large work surfaces and in instances where your water source is a tap.

b. Heavy-duty hose reels

These hose reels are usually made of industrial-grade materials like aluminum or steel. They are mobile hose reels commonly used in factories. They come with a quick remove mechanism for detaching the coil from the mounting plate.

Final Word

In addition to the categories mentioned above, several other types of hose reels depend on the design. When choosing between the various types of hose reels, you ought to consider each type’s functionality, pros, and cons.

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