The Primary Components Of A Bottle Labeling Machine

by Angel Waldrop

Automatic labeling machines are highly applied in various industries. The most common application in the beverage industry is where cans and bottles are labeled using an automatic bottle labeling machine. In this write-up, we look at the labeling machine components.

Components of an automatic labeling machine

Below are the primary components of a bottle labeling machine;

1. Chasis

This is the base frame of an automatic labeling machine. It forms the structural framework that somehow looks like a block. The role of the chassis is to provide support for all the components and parts of the automatic labeling machine. This means that it plays a very significant role. Most, if not all the time, the chasis is made of stainless steel material. This is because stainless steel is a stable material and can handle many weights and pressure.

2. Tray

The tray is the part of the automatic labeling machine where the labels are placed before they are conveyed into the machine for labeling. In most labeling machines, the tray is usually placed on the upper side. This placement allows for easy access. It also helps allow for easy feeding of the labels to the machine. Like the chasis, the tray is also commonly made using stainless steel material. This material is applied because it is resistant to various elements like chemicals. It is also resistant to unfavorable climate.

3. Conveyor

The conveyor is the part that moves products from the tray to the machine where the label is placed. The product usually moves in a rotating motion. This movement allows the machine to come in contact with the surface of the item effortlessly. The conveyor usually comes with varying settings, depending on the machine. The variety of settings allows you to figure out the specifications you will require to attain while labeling.

4. The display

This is the part that allows you to control the elements of the machine. Most popular automatic labeling machines come with a touch screen display. The display makes it easy for you to choose the various functions and monitor the progress of your tasks. You can also monitor the modules revolving around the automatic labeling machine. A display is crucial as it helps make using the machine easier and more efficient.

5. The labeling head

Also known as the labeling applicator, this is the part of the machine that applies the label on the surface of a product. In most cases, the labeling head’s design is specific to the type of machine and application.

6. The motor

The motor is the electric component that helps your run the automatic labeling machine. It functions by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The size and motor capacity usually vary from one automatic labeling machine model to the next. The motor is arguably one of the most vital parts of the machine because it controls the functioning of the machine and most of its components.

Final word

The above components work together to ensure the effective performance of the machine. Note that the components mentioned above may differ from one machine model to the next.

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