The Most Efficient Hydraulic Press Machine For Warm Extrusion

by Angel Waldrop

Do you need to manufacture metal products, maybe, you deal with hydraulic press machines for sale and you are concerned with which to provide for your customers? Are you a manufacturing manager and do you need the best warm extrusion moulding machine? BLY HYDRAULIC PRESS provides you with the most reliable and effective Warm extrusion hydraulic press machine. This will require heat to give you the best products. Temperatures range from 800 to 1800F equivalent to 424to 975degrees Celsius.

A highlight of the Warm extrusion Process.

You first heat the raw material or stock material up to the right temperatures avoiding recyclization temperatures. Then add the heated material to the container in the press then place the dummy block behind it. The material at this point is pressed by the ram and pushed out of the die. The extrusion is already made. It is then straightened and treated ready for use.

 Let us interrogate the Hydraulic moulding machine for the warm extrusion YBW series and you will have the information you need to acquire the product.

Hydraulic Molding Machine for warm extrusion features.

1. Four columns are made of alloy steel.

The alloy steel is a very tough metal combination that ensures that the product is of the highest strength ever. This feature enables the product to withstand tough conditions. The Outer casing is made of hard chromium Plating enabling it withstanding wear and tear among other factors that may threaten its functionality. This is an assurance that it will serve you for the longest time ever.

2. Advanced Computer control system,

Have you been looking for an easy hydraulic machine to use? The BLY HYDRAULIC PRESS Manufacturers have brought to you the best version of a computer-controlled system hydraulic machine. The entire system is connected in that you will be able to monitor every activity and performance of the machine. In the same function, you will be able to learn of itches whenever they occur as they are well displayed on the screen. This feature makes This machine easy to work with will save much of your time.

3. High Precision Guiding Systems

 The frames and Movable tables have a high precision guiding system, good rigidity and strong lateral resistance. This will work very well for you as it will be very easy and simple to work with. The strength and tough rigidity make these warm extrusion hydraulic machines the most efficient machine to work with.

4. Top to the bottom workbench

Top to a bottom workbench is the most efficient. Moreover, it is safer than a bottom-to-the-top workbench. BLY HYDRAULIC PRESS considers your safety and thus you have a chance to secure your warm extrusion hydraulic machine.

Application of Warm Extrusion products

Warm extrusion can be used to produce products of various ranges depending on the needs and the industry. For example, the mining industry requires very hard equipment for mining. These tough metals are made through Warm extrusion with the hydraulic press machines. Other applications include the manufacture of hardware joints, lighting fixtures and used in heat transfer and heat shields.

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