Why Ender – 3 V2 should be On Your List of Best 3D Printers

by Angel Waldrop
3D printer

Are you trying to decide between the prominent Creality Ender 3 and the Ender 3 V2? In this article, we look at the pros of investing in an Ender-3 V2, and, how you can find the best printer for your needs.

Background Information

Creality’s Ender is still one of the user’s favorites when looking at some of the best affordable 3D printers. And yes, it is definitely far from perfect even though it boasts of retailing at a lower price than the standard $200. The creality 3D printer offers you an impeccable print volume and is very easy to assemble.

The Evolution of the Design

As with any company seeking to improve its customer retention, Creality has since invested in quality products by improving the design of its 3D printers. With the original printer looking basic initially, the management searched for several ways to advance into a classic one. The manufacturer revealed some of its technical specs coupled with interesting changes.

What about It? – Reviewing the Specs

Ender 3 V2 is a unique printer. It has a few similarities with its predecessors but comes with exceptions too. Recently released officially, we have compiled a few critical aspects that make it special to prospect users.

  • Ender 3 V2 has an updated mainboard that comes with a reliable and silent stepper driver. But, when compared to the original version of Ender 3 as well as Pro, the V2 design is prominent for delivering users with a silence-oriented upgrade.
  • Comes with a natural filament feed function
  • Comes with an updated, new and exclusive screen which is pretty easy to maneuver
  • Has a select heating element enclosure
  • The X-axis of the device is easily adjusted and can be improved with time to enhance dimensional accuracy
  • The nozzle is tidy, making it convenient to use

One of the highly notable features of V2 is its tempered glass print bed which is can quickly accumulate different filament residues with time. The glass bed is placed on an aluminium plate. This should improve the machine’s adhesion.

Why Invest in This printer?

Creality 3 V2 is quieter. The new feature is a self-developed motherboard that comes with about 2500 chipsets and 50 decibels. The rotary knob in the feeding mechanism should help load the filaments by hand.

Power outage resumption

If a printer is connected to a computer during a power outage, it can cause a huge power interruption, thereby rendering the printer functionless.

Outrageous power disconnections are not an issue with the 3 V2 printers. The machine can recover and then resume straight to printing when power is back. This is an additional perk.

Final Thoughts

Are you interested in purchasing the new Ender 3 V2? Well, you can now pre-order from reliable online stores that have built customer trust. The machine is an improved version of the original Ender 3D printer. This only means that it is more efficient and can deliver high-quality prints anytime and of high quality. Thus, quantity and quality are, therefore guaranteed by all means.

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