4 Distinct Qualities That Dignify Honor Watch ES

by Angel Waldrop

The Honor Watch ES is an affordable smartwatch with very comprehensive features. Its highly competitive price is built with a 5 atm water resistance and automatic workout recognition.

This lightweight smartwatch comes with a standard plastic watch case. It weighs 34 grams and 10.7 millimeters long, including the wrist bands. Its 30mm-wide frame makes it an ideal watch that fits all wrists irrespective of gender and size. This watch operates on custom OS by Honor. The OS is straightforward and easy to use with a very comfortable, wide, sensitive, and customizable touchscreen.

The Four Distinct Features of Honors Watch ES

1. AMOLED Screen

This watch has a long rectangular shape with a 1.64 inch AMOLED display, so that the watch has a full measurement of 30cm in width and 47cm in height. It possesses a pretty high resolution of 326 pixels per inch and 456 x 280 resolution giving it a great appeal. Honors Watch ES looks broader with its very convenient big AMOLED screen display and screen aspect ratio. This is because more details fit on the screen, which also contributes to its gorgeous interface and design.

2. Health Features

One feature of this watch is that it is loaded with a lot of health features. About 95 exercise modes are available to users. It also has automatic workout recognition, and its virtual animated workouts are a great specification. With it, you can watch animated videos on how to perform the workout activity you like. First, this watch offers you a preview, after which it counts down from 3 to 1, and then you follow the display instruction. It also has 12 animated fitness classes and 44 animated workout moves you can select. It can also track menstrual cycles, stress, sleep, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. You can display all of your health records and tracks from your mobile smartphone.

3. Connected GPS and Call Alerts

While this watch does not have a built-in GPS, it has a connected GPS. This implies that the watch utilizes your smartphone’s GPS, and you can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. You can also get alerts for your calls, and it allows you to see the caller and drop a call. It does not enable Bluetooth phone calls.

4. Durable Battery Life

HONOR Watch ES has up to 10 days of battery life on a single full charge as it is built with the Kirin A1 chipset. It comes with a single-way magnetic USB charger that you can plug into any 5 watt USB outlet. The watch supports fast charging. Thirty minutes of fast charging will raise your battery to about 70 percent, which will run for a week on average. About 1 hour 40 minutes of full charging from zero to 100 percent should last you for about ten days.


The HONOR watch is a functional fitness smartwatch that does a great job as it tracks your fitness and provides significant updates. Its 5 atm water resistance ensures that the watch can monitor your swimming activities as you can use it in the swimming pool and shower. It is lightweight on the wrist. At its reasonable price, it can monitor your all-day heart rate sensor, automated stress tracking, sleep monitoring, etc.

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