Reviewing Novastar LED Display Controller

by Angel Waldrop

Novastar is one of the world’s top provider of LED electronic displays. Thanks to technology, you can now enjoy this product that comes with so many great features that fit your comfort. With so much competition in the electronic industry, the world is witnessing an increase in more advanced devices yearly. Significant renovations keep taking place in substantial production industries to deliver the best to the market. In this review, take a look at why MCTRL660 is the latest independent master controller. 

When it comes to entertainment, getting a device that wraps all your expectations into one eases your struggle. This extraordinary grand controller is sometimes referred to as a Display Controller because of its exceptional features. It receives both pictures and videos from the computer’s serial port to launch your entertainment session when connected. Additionally, the self-sufficient controller enables images with high mosaic effects intensifying your viewing experience. Also, it provides LED display solutions that are highly appreciated and offers the best-specialized application software of all time.

 This magnificent electronic piece provides a lovely view that makes entertainment ideal regardless of your watching distance when it comes to resolution. The images produced brilliant images with a great sense of depths. This LED display controller has an excellent feature that enables it to adapt to screen configurations without being connected to the computer.


  • It supports HDMI/DVI video input and HDMI audio input.
  • The device supports a high bit depth of up to 12.
  • It supplies a voltage of up to 220V.
  • It offers image rotation and mirroring that enhances a creative stage.
  • It comes with protection methods for web control and monitoring of input.
  • It has a restore function for file backup.
  • It offers high-quality images.
  • This fine device accomplishes white balance calibration and the mapping of color gamutbased on the different LED technology features used to enhance a perfect view with a colorful experience.
  • It offers a high loading capacity.
  • This grand machine allows you to customize resolutions for your viewing comfort.
  • It has a video output loading capacity of 2.3 million pixels.


There are several merits to purchasing this product. With great features, this product from Navistar comes with the following advantages.

  • The system provides a variety of video input connectors.
  • It does not need to be connected to a computer for the screen to configure.
  • It allows you to switch between a variety of applications.
  • It supports the new generation from Nova technology.
  • The system is highly reliable and has accessible grilling features that enable high and fast performance.
  • It has an irregular shape by LED technology, which takes entertainment to a great level.

Although it does not support a light sensor interface, this product is unknown to have any cons.

Final Thoughts

With this exquisite electronic device in your living room, you are sure to be entertained to the fullest. Novastar is working very hard to ensure that all your entertainment needs are taken care of by supplying some of the best electronic devices to the market. With this device in your living room, you are sure to enjoy all your entertainment activities tirelessly.

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