Eight Types of Backpacks You Should Know

by Angel Waldrop

Like anything created by man, backpacks come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. With each design comes another function. You can check out Obangbag backpacks for a variety. If you want to move around hands-free but have your essentials with you simultaneously, backpacks are for you. Below is a set of packs to choose from

1.Hiking backpack

If you’re into outdoor adventures, you already know to pack a good deal of essentials. Hiking bags are spacious, with plenty of pockets to accommodate all your needs. Most times, they have a waist strap to help hold the load to your body and increase balance. Their backs and straps are also padded to provide comfort during your expeditions.

They’re also known as “backpacking backpack.”

2.Cycling backpack

Better known as “commuter backpack,” this type is ideal for cyclists and bike commuters. It’s simple in design and small in size. The system allows it to snug closely to your back and stands firm, sudden movements.


I bet this is the first design that comes to people’s minds when the word “backpack” is mentioned.

Its design is raw as a standard backpack can be; one main compartment and a one back pocket. Sometimes they might feature one or two bottle holder pockets but not too often.

Also known as the traditional backpack, this type is characterized by two shoulder straps and a grab strap at the top of the bag. You’re lucky if yours has any internal pockets.

4.The rucksack

Rucksack’s most notable feature is the flap covering the main pocket. Quite often, the main bag has a drawstring closure. The flap then covers the pocket and into a pair of buckles to secure it completely. The buckles are adjustable to give room to more items.

5.Drawstrings backpack

With only a single compartment, this backpack is best fitted for lightweights. You can use it to carry your workout outfits to and from the gym. It’s also suitable as an additional bag where you throw your extra sweater that couldn’t fit in your main luggage.

6.Laptop backpack

These are backpacks with specially designed internal or pockets to hold laptops. If you’re getting a laptop bag, first ensure the pocket will accommodate your laptop. Some compartments can fit 11-inch laptops while others can hold up to 17 inches sizeable. Additionally, check to see if the padding is thick enough to cushion your computer against external forces.

It’s popular among college students and corporate world individuals.

7. Tote backpack

As the name suggests, this is a merged backpack and a tote bag. It has two shoulder straps like a typical backpack and the regular tote bag handle. It can be aesthetically pleasing to fashionable individuals because the switch up gives you fashion freedom of some sort.

8. Travel backpack

Unlike typical backpacks, they are not loaded or unloaded from the top. Their exterior design is that of a backpack, but the interior gives off a suitcase’s impression. They have numerous zipper pockets and buckles to hold your clothes and essentials from spilling. Heck, you could live out of this bag.

Final thoughts

When you need a new backpack next time, remember why you need one and choose according to your needs.

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