Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Hose Reel

by Angel Waldrop

Water hoses are applied in a wide range of areas like gardening and firefighting. However, using a hose water hose can be challenging, especially when it comes to storage and maintenance. For this reason, rapid reels or hose reels were developed. In this post, we look at hose reel benefits.

Reasons for purchasing hose reels

Below are a few reasons why you need to buy a hose reel;

1. Safety

Water hoses are beneficial products with numerous applications. However, they may also pose some dangers when they are not appropriately handled. More often than not, if left unattended, water hoses can cause tripping accidents. This is especially the case if they are used in an environment where there are children.

Owning a hose reel will help you store the water hose correctly after and before use, preventing accidents. In addition to avoiding accidents, hose reels also ensure the safety of the water hose. Improper storage and handling of water hoses can result in kinks, eventually breaking the water hose.

Additionally, when water is left inside the water hose, especially in the cold season, it can freeze and damage the water hose material. Improper handling can also expose your water hose to bacteria and contaminants, which will decrease its quality. A hose reel will help you ensure that this is not an issue and your hose reel is safe and protected.

2. Space-saving

A water hose can take up a lot of space in your garage or storage area. With a hose reel, this does not have to be an issue. This is because you can install the hose reel on the wall, outdoors, or indoors. Wall-mounted hose reels are especially space-saving since they do not take up any floor space. Therefore, you can use your storage space for other vital tasks or needs.

3. Organization

As much as water hoses are essential, when they are not stored properly, they can negatively influence the appearance of your garden, yard, or anywhere you have the hose. Using a hose reel will help you eliminate the clutter and lack of organization in your compound. This is because the hose will be neatly winded onto the hose reel. Additionally, having a hose reel installed in your garden or yard can enhance its appearance. However, this depends on the type of hose reel you are using, its design, and it’s material.

4. Time-saving

Using a water hose may seem effortless, but it is not. You have to unwind it, straighten it, connect it, use it, and when you are done, you also have to wind it up again. This seems like an easy process, but it may take a lot of your valuable time. A hose reel is also designed to eliminate this issue. After setting it up, all you have to do is use the retraction system to unwind it, use it, then use the system to wind it up again. The process takes a very short amount of time.


The benefits above are some of the reasons why hose reels are applied in a wide range of industries. Whether you are in the gardening, plumbing, firefighting, or oil mining industry, you could benefit from a good hose reel.

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