To Know About the Different Types of Garden Hoses

by Angel Waldrop

There are so many heavy duty garden hoses available in the market. The variety of garden hoses available makes choosing one difficult. Your choice of a garden hose will also determine how satisfied you will be with the product. Hence, you must know about the different types of garden hoses, as well as their pros and cons, this will help you make an informed decision when you are ready to purchase one. Your choice of garden hose will also determine how you care for your hose.

This article focuses on the different types of garden hoses and will help you make the right decision when you want to purchase a garden hose in your house.

Types of Garden Hoses

1. Vinyl Hoses

Vinyl hoses are one of the cheapest hoses you can find. Most times, nylon mesh or cording are used to reinforce vinyl hoses to make them durable and strong to attach to sprinklers. These hoses, however, are quite stiff and are hard to coil which makes them kink easily. They might even rekink the same spot. However, they are perfect when you want to use them in one location.

2. Rubber Hoses

Rubber hoses are heavy garden hoses that are easy to coil and are quite flexible. These hoses are made from construction-grade rubber materials and as such, have a long lifespan and are as durable as they come. You can easily shake out the kinks and kinks are less likely to reoccur.

3. Polyurethane Hoses

This hose is quite light and as such, I so easy to pull around your house. It also doesn’t kink so much. However, it can be a bit still and it’s a bit difficult to coil compared to other garden hoses. It is also not an ideal hose for garden sprinklers.

4. Polymer Hoses

Polymer hoses are soft, flexible, light, and they coil easily. They are also one of those garden hoses that are safe for drinking water. One downside of using these hoses is that they kink so much. However, once you unkink them, the creases hardly ever set. The fact that polymer hoses are easy to coil makes them very convenient to store.

5. Expandable Hoses

If you don’t like coiling your hose before storage, the expandable hoses might be best for you. Usually, these hoses consist of a rubber tube that is covered by a durable and flexible fabric. They are so light and are easy to store. However, they tend to burst under pressure. To prevent this, buy the ones with brass couplings, slowly turn the water on to prevent water pressure, and let the water run the whole time. Remember to drain all the water when you are done, and keep them safe from heat or cold.

6. Metal Hoses

Metal hoses are quite expensive but they are as tough as they come. They are also very light to carry around and better still, they don’t kink. They uncoil easily as well. Unlike other garden hoses, a metal hose cools quicker after being heated up by the sun. The water output can be a bit low but they can power a sprinkler.

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