The Primary Forms Of Pressure Washer Hose Reels

by Angel Waldrop

A hose reel is a tool used to store and ease the use of hoses. These products can be categorized based on their applications. In this case, there are garden and pressure washer hose reels. The categories can be broken down further into various types. Wall-mounted hose reels are the most common type on the market. In this post, we discuss the various types of hose reels.

Types of pressure washer hose reels

Like wall-mounted pressure washer hose reels, several other types of pressure washer hose reels exist on the market. They include:

1. Hose reels with boxes

Also known as pressure washer hose boxes, these are boxes with reels inside them. They are some of the most expensive types of pressure washer hoses on the market. They are an ideal choice for heavier and longer hoses. Hose boxes usually contain a frame that protects the hose from damage while storing it correctly.

They can be applied at any time of the year because of their superior quality. This means that you do not have to worry about harsh weather conditions when using hose boxes. It is also worth mentioning that they come with large handles that allow for effortless cranking. They also feature guides that help you place the hose evenly inside the reel.

2. Wall mounted pressure washer reels

These are reels designed for wall attachment or installation. They are the easiest type of pressure washer hose reels to use on the market. They are also usually more affordable than their counterparts mentioned above. Wall-mounted pressure washer reels are typically made from sturdy materials to allow for more extended durability and effortless use. Their designs are also quite simple.

3. Floor mount pressure washer hose reels

As the name suggests, these pressure washer hose reels are usually installed or mounted on the floor. They are highly similar to the wall mount pressure washer reel. They feature similar components, and the method of installation is the same. Regardless, their installation is straightforward.

4. Stationary pressure washer hose reels

These are the simplest form of hose reels. They are usually made up of a crack used to rewind the pressure washer hose onto the reel manually. Regardless of their simplicity, they are usually made from a wide range of high-quality materials. The most common materials for making these hose reels are stainless steel and iron. It is worth mentioning that the type of material usually affects the cost of the product.

5. Portable hose reels

These products are usually constructed so that you can move them from one place to the next. They are ideal for industrial applications because they allow you to use your pressure water hose at long distances. They usually have a manual crank for rewinding the hose onto the product. Their portability is made possible by rubber wheels found on the reels.

Final word

Note that there are several other types of pressure washer hose reels based on the brand. The type of reel usually influences its performance and price. Naturally, manual hose reels are usually cheaper than their counterparts.

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