Top 6 Types of Trucks You Should Know

by Angel Waldrop

Maybe you are planning to start a trucking business, and you are not sure the best heavy-duty trucks to purchase. As you know, every truck has its capabilities and features. That explains why different trucks made in china are suited for different tasks, such as transporting your sports cars from one place to another.

When it comes to trucking, there is no one-size-fits-all. There is a need to make sound decisions when transporting goods. First, you ought to know the various types of trucks available, their capabilities, and whether they are ideal for the job.

Types of Trucks

Semi-Trailer Trucks

These are the most common types of trucks on the market. They are designed to suit business transportation needs. You can load them from the top, side, or back. The main distinguishing feature of this truck is the lack of tent cover. Most of them have a load capacity limit of 24 tons. They are ideal for moving palletized cargo.

Straight Truck

Also known as cube trucks, these types of trucks carry cargo on the same chassis with the cab and power unit. You can only load this truck from the back. It is suitable for transporting different things, such as furniture. If you are planning to start a moving business, this is the ideal truck to purchase. That is because they are more secure as compared to their semi-trailer counterparts. Moreover, they protect goods from adverse weather elements.

Jumbo Trailer Truck

Ideally, this is a semi-trailer truck with extra space. The extra space is possible with the G-shaped floor and small-sized wheels. Although it has extra space, they have a carrying capacity of 24 tons. However, you will find additional space useful when transporting bulk goods. Loading is done from both sides, the top, and also the back.

Tail Lift Truck

This falls into the category of heavy-duty equipment. The truck is widely used for distributing goods. Loading of goods is made easier with its lifting mechanism. The amount of weight it can accommodate depends on the tail lift that is attached to the truck. Loading is done from the back of the truck.

Truck Trailer

These types of trucks are known to make it easier to load and unload goods easily. Also, it provides adequate space to carry lots of goods. The loading capacity can vary from 16 to 26 tons. However, it has challenges when transporting lengthy cargo. Another advantage is that it offers adequate protection for your cargo.

Flatbed Trucks

These types of trucks get their name from the flat level bed design. Ideally, this type of truck does not have a roof or sides. Due to the design, it offers a lot of versatility. Thus, it is suitable for transporting bulky and oversized goods. You will find this truck quite popular for transporting a fleet of cars or for exhibitions. The loading capacity ranges from 15 to 25 tons and the ability to load it from any side, back, or top.

The size, nature, and volume of the goods you are transporting determine the types of trucks you can purchase. Whatever you need to transport, you will always find a truck that suits your business needs.

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