Using Unique Christmas Boxes to Stand Out as a Brand

by Angel Waldrop

One of the best periods of the year to build the image of your brand is Christmas. If you can take advantage of a brand Christmas box, there’s so much gain for your brand.

The question is what benefits does product Christmas packaging bring to your table? We will see how you can milk holiday box packaging to enjoy these benefits in this post.

Packaging a Brand Box For Christmas

The major advantage of your brand Christmas box is that it makes your products stand out. Once your products prove to be unique in terms of packaging, it is possible to take over the market. People are constrained to make purchases based on what their senses tell them.

With your product Christmas packaging, you can appeal to the senses of prospects and turn them to clients. What most companies don’t realize is that one of the best ways to publicize your products is through their packaging. 

One such packaging method is the use of cardboard which serves as an excellent canvas for adverts. While your clients enjoy the luxury and aesthetics of your holiday box packaging, you can milk the publicity benefits.

It is a win-win situation if you know how to design the boxes properly.


Designing Your Brand Christmas Boxes to Stand Out

These days, people don’t just care about the products, they are interested in the packaging. For this reason, you cannot afford to treat your packaging designs with laxity. One thing is obvious, the better your packaging looks, the more chances you have of winning the hearts of buyers.

Of course, you don’t need to spend excessively on the packaging, yet, every dime spent is worth it. Your boxes should not just be attractive, they should be original in design as well. There are so many online tools to help you with your designs. If you feel you aren’t so good at designing, find a professional to design on your behalf.

When designing your brand Christmas box, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you must answer the question, how can I look different from my competitors? This question will lead you to take box dimensions and considering the shape of the box.

Your product Christmas packaging needs to be elegant, durable, practical, and fitting to your product in shape and size. Yes, the exterior must be attractive, which a lot of businesses get right. You cannot stop there, the interior has to be tidy and aesthetic as well.

Another thing about your packages is that they cannot be oversize or undersize. With all of these in place, it is possible to stand out with your holiday box packaging.

Choosing colors for your boxes

Christmas packaging boxes are known easily by their colors. There are several color combinations that are perfect for Christmas. We are all used to the red, white and green of Christmas. However, you can consider silver and black, silver and gold, red and navy blue, gold and silver, etc.

These colors would make your products attract the buyers at a single glance. The rest is now up to the print and the text illustrations. You can make use of different print types for your boxes. Be a bit more flexible, don’t stick to the company logo alone.

There are so many motifs that add the festive flair to your products, use some of them. You can also consider different colors when printing your text and other illustrations. Most businesses use white and black but you can go for an array of colors.

Other additions to your boxes

There are so many solutions you can add to your brand Christmas box. These solutions don’t just make the boxes look better, they add value that would make your clients happy. 

One of such additions is a sliding lid. This makes it easy for your clients to use the boxes after the Christmas season. When designing product Christmas packaging, always have reuse in mind. This will reduce the adverse effects of disposing of waste on the environment.

As little as this may seem, it helps to change how the client perceives your brand. The end result of this is that more customers receive encouragement to shop. This improves your sales during the holiday season and in the next year.


Benefits of a Unique Christmas Box to Your Brand

We decided to bring you a few benefits of unique Christmas packaging. In case you are still in doubt of how holiday box packaging would help your business, here are a few reasons.

Shows your brand personality

All through the year, you have tried to present your brand identity in your packaging. This should not be different when the Christmas holidays come. As a matter of fact, you should become more aggressive considering the fact that there is an opportunity for more sales.

Even though this could be overwhelming in itself, you can seek help from professionals. There are tons of designs to tweak to represent your brand. Always have it in mind that your brand has a personality and your packaging must portray this personality.

Stirs up memories

We all have some Christmas traditions that have been part of our families for several decades. Some people even keep Christmas decorations used by their grandparents and can’t wait to put them up.

With your decorative gift boxes this Christmas, you can stir up a few memories. The idea is all about harnessing nostalgia. The more your boxes can do this, the more customers see a need to patronize your brand.

Social media publicity

Really, you don’t need an extra effort to achieve this. All you need to do is present the best product Christmas packaging possible. Your clients will do the remaining work.

We are in a world where people share their experiences, good, bad, and ugly, on social media. If your clients love your packaging, they’d share them on social media. This is publicity you didn’t pay for and you can be sure it will produce positive results.



A brand Christmas box can make your business stand out and enjoy tons of benefits. Once you can be more intentional about your holiday box packaging you’d begin to enjoy these benefits. Are there any benefits you thought we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments section. If you have any demand for custom personalized boxes, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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