Things to Know About HMS Core 5.0

by Angel Waldrop

Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) is an alternative to Huawei’s GMS, and it also consists of the user-facing apps and core background services. It provides an experience consistent across devices as well as independent of platform version.

Its ecosystem comprises of the HMS Core, HMS Apps, and HMS capabilities, which the core enables via the available APIs.

And now, there’s a huge update to the HMS Core 5.0 that has introduced a plethora of APIs as well as excellent improvements to the existing APIs. For instance, there has been an introduction to AR Engine, Computer Graphics Kit, Accelerate Kit, and several other improvements.

Huawei’s service frameworks and the services form the backbone of its current experience, and therefore, improving its HMS core as well as the allied services makes perfect sense. Besides, the increasing numbers of Huawei users and registered developers show a good sign of improvement in the company’s ecosystem. The improvements in its HMS core shows commitment Huawei has put towards their HMS vision.

It’s merely about eight months ago when HMS Core 4.0 was launched and introduced new APIs that were in the form of Machine Learning Kit, huawei camerakit, Map Kit, WisePlay DRM, Scan Kit, and several others.

However, with the HMS Core 5.0, Huawei has introduced more new APIs in the form of Computer Graphics Kit, AR Engine, and Accelerate Kit.

HMS Core 5.0 Components

AR Engine

Huawei AR Engine and Google play’s AR Core service are similar. The AR Core in HMS core is a platform where Augmented Reality (AR) apps are built on Android smartphones. It helps to integrate core algorithms for the AR to provide the basic AR capabilities like environment tracking, motion tracking, and face and body tracking.

Therefore, it means that with AR Engine, one is able to build apps which help to bridge the real world with the virtual world. Basically, the AR Engine a device’s location and then provides the tracking abilities. It utilizes the device’s camera in identifying feature points that it then uses to track its movement in relation to those points. Moreover, it has the ability to enable human movement tracking.

Computer Graphics Kit

It’s a computer graphics framework that consists of physically based rendering (PBR) material, textures, light, models, component systems, and several others. The idea here is to provide the best 3D rendering capabilities on all Huawei devices, making use of the HiSilicon Kirin Chips.

The framework also supports secondary development that has reduced complexity and difficulty that significantly helps to increase development efficiency.

Moreover, it can be used 3D app use cases because it encapsulates necessary Vulkan API call methods as well as implements dedicated optimization on Huawei GPU. Therefore, it helps to reduce the workload in the development of the highest quality 3D static models.

In a nutshell, Computer Graphic Kit is essential in accelerating the adoption of the computer graphics in the applications by providing developers with cutting edge tools needed for integrating the same into the software.

Accelerate Kit

It provides multi-threaded acceleration that helps improve concurrent execution of several threads, hence optimizing apps. Therefore, developers are literally freed from the thread management details and only focus on their apps while gaining efficiency.

Nevertheless, there’s also the addition of the audio kit, video kit, image kit, among other upgrades to the HMS Core.

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